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Yeah, there was one guy in the Castro (where I live) who was personally responsible for doing the same here.  I saw him every day, angrily tearing down posters, as if each one were a personal affront to his sensibilities.  But, I haven't seen him in quite awhile, and for the last couple of years posters yet again exist in the Castro (events, divas, lost pets, surreal ramblings, guerrilla art, . . . ).
For me, too, posters on street poles have been a way to automatically know about many cool things about a neighborhood as I walk around.

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Just wanted to forward this fascinating bit of San Francisco not-so-minutia to the list -- 

I have long lamented the lack of posters and flyers on poles in the Bay Area, particularly in Oakland w with its city motto of "keep Oakland boring".

In Toronto, flyers were how I figured out what was going on and what looked like fun to explore in a neighborhood.  It was a good way to get a sense of the local culture.  

Around SF, the lack of posting in many areas makes  a lot of neighborhoods seem devoid of culture.  I wonder if this "Neighbors for Clean Neighborhoods" thing is to blame?


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        Just want to put everyone on high alert for a group called "Neighbors for Clean Neighborhoods" (or variations thereof) that have, for years, been responsible for tearing down lost pet flyers-supposedly, the Inner Richmond is a hot spot for them, altho they have worked in other areas.  Arguably flyers on street poles are the most effective way to get an animal back home, and these people are indeed jeopardizing not only the welfare, but the very lives of our pets.  The group is fictitious and sends a  professionally written letter listing codes and threatens litigation-please contact the City Attorney's office if you receive such a letter.  It is NOT illegal to post as long as done properly-these obsessed people don't care about how you post; they don't want any postings, period.  DPW has not the time, money, or inclination to remove postings.  Unless you should see a white city truck, with the gold, round city emblem, it is not DPW. There was a Caucasian man, about 5'8", salt and pepper hair, late '30's, with a safety vest (to appear as a utility worker) who was seen tearing them down in past.  Please call non-emergency police (553-0123) if you see him-he is mis-representing himself. I would be very interested if anyone has had any experiences with this group.  Also would greatly appreciate if all could please be on lookout for black and white, feral cats.  Also, some notices about other missing cats posted recently.

Many thanks.
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