[Noisebridge-discuss] Hackershelves CLEANED! E-Waste pickup needed

Zach organic_unity at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 13 08:08:41 UTC 2015

Hey hackers,
  Thanks to the awesome efforts of Ramone, Andrew, and myself the Hackershelves are now 90% organized and fully cleaned!  I went ahead and labelled almost everything too- so now there's boxes for RAM, video cards, keyboards, etc.  See the pics here!


Thanks to the awesome reboot I think these shelves will be clean for a lot longer than they used to :)  I also want to put a box up for incoming donations that people can toss stuff in if they don't know where it goes.

Miloh, if you are reading this, I found 2 long LED displays one of which is pictured and placed on the right side of the hackershelves behind the printer.  There is another on top of the shelves.  I bet these are what you were looking for.

For the future:  There is now a "vintage tech" section of the hackershelves that I would like to put a timeline on for keeping at NB.  There are items on these shelves that I have seen collecting dust for literally 3+ years.  I would love to create a game plan for throwing some of this old stuff out, but I left it for now since I know some people are attached to it.  There is for example, a giant pay phone, a box full of old (I mean, pre 1980s) VU meters and bench supply stuff, some old AC motors and transformers, old broken video cameras, and those friggin heavy old touch displays that no one has ever used.  I think the stuff from circa 1970 - 1989 really needs to be given E-waste priority.  Unless there is awesome hackage opportunity / vintage worth to it.  Just my 2 cents.

happy hacking!

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