[Noisebridge-discuss] Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon - Tor Sunday

Lisa Rein lisa at lisarein.com
Sat Oct 3 06:45:48 UTC 2015

Hey gang :-)

Great seeing everyone at last year's SF hackathon. You guys totally made
the whole thing last year -- Brewster said he had a wonderful time with
you guys :-)

I'm putting together the invitations for *this year's* Aaron Swartz Day
and International Hackathon, at the Internet Archive in San Francisco,
November 7th AND MAYBE November 8th.

I've been trying to connect with Tor folks for a month now, to help me do
a conference of Tor for newbies, journalists and librarians (yay! Library
Freedom Project!)

I've had bad luck getting responses from anybody, so a pal of mine at the
Internet Archive suggested that I ask this list to try to find "Tor
people" :-)

This year, on Saturday, while hackathon is going on downstairs, we're also
going to have "encryption for super beginners" stuff in the morning (from
Keybase) and an awesome "encryption for journalists" tutorial by the
Intercept's and Freedom of the Press Foundation's Micah Lee, in the
afternoon. (He will also be discussing Onionshare and SecureDrop -- the
content gets more advanced in the afternoon.)

Aaron loved Tor, and I'd like to do a TOR SUNDAY, for November 8th --> of
speakers going on upstairs in the "great room" while the Sunday hackathon
is going on downstairs. (Again, with beginning material that the
hackathoners themselves are probably already familiar with.)

I'd love ideas for speakers and topics on TOR SUNDAY!

Thanks in advance for anyone's help on this!



Lisa Rein

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