[Noisebridge-discuss] Need someone to pick, possibly rekey, about a dozen tubular locks

Sparr sparr0 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 04:27:30 UTC 2016

I bought some transit buses recently and there are a bunch of tubular pin
tumbler locks in them on various panels. The seller couldn't/wouldn't give
me the key(s) since that would get me into the secure parts of all their
other still-in-service buses.

First, I need most of them picked open. Next, I need them all rekeyed, and
a key to match. I figure I'll end up at a locksmith for the latter, but
paying an "emergency" locksmith to come to me to pick them open in the
first place promises to be rather expensive. I'd rather pay someone from
NB, if there's anyone up for the task.

Alternately, I need to get a key cut to match one of the locks that's
already open. I don't know if this is a viable option. I expect that when I
ask a locksmith they will tell me it's effort-prohibitive to do so.
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