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Meeting notes from the unmeeting!

    - Group Proposal - Alex would like to start a group called the Friday
Night Something Something.  You would propose something you'd work and
everyone would hold each other accountable. Contact asness at gmail.com
    - Nice Things:
    - Lee says there have been cool donations. He's been working on synth
building MUSICxTECHNOLOGY. He's been keeping it modest, but how do we keep
nice things that get used and not stolen.
    - Henry says nice things stay nice if people take care of them. If
people are involved in hacking with things they will get taken care of.
    - Jay roughly concurs.
    - The Other Mill:
        - It's a DANGEROUS THING.
        - Other Mill purchased from the Equipment Fund
        - The company keeps Tori employed
        - It's a CNC mill, right next to the question blue CNC mill.
        - What it does is you load in sort of looks like a drill bit and
you stick it in the thing and you load up an EAGLE design file or a set of
GURU files or something? And it generates the gcode and it cuts like PCBs
and stuff..
        - It's good for up to 6 mils if you have a decent sharp bit
        - If you know how to use it, go for it. If you don't, read the
docs. If you still don't, there may be a class.
        - Talk to Tori if it breaks.
        - The bits are consumables. You can get crappy ones on Amazon but
The Other Machine Store sells good bits. Some Other links are in slack.
        - Don't cut steel. It's high rpm but low torque. You can do
aluminum and brass. Do not lubricate.
        - It's a reverse 3d printer
    - Wifi Update:
        - It's bad. It's been flaky and we should have a group of people
get together and troubleshooting
        - All of the flaschentaschen stuff is borked.
        - The Chromecast keeps dropping.
        - Updates on work that has been done:
            - There are 3 access points. One of them (above the
flaschentaschen) bought a farm and is being replaced.
            - Is interference the cause? No, it's probably just crowding.
            - Replacing the dead AP might help.
        - Our actual connection is fine. If the wifi totally dies, or you
need more reliability, you can plug into the wires that come from the
        - We may run more wires. We're gonna take wifi offline from here
    - Holiday Tokens:
        - With congress coming up and people going out on holiday, the
space is gonna be kinda empty.
        - We might temporarily disable day-pass access and make people ring
the doorbell.
    - Mini Reboot:
        - Noisebridge needs a mini-reboot. The space may be closed for
about a week, cleaned up, and rearranged.
        - This should be an annual thing.
        - If there is, after the break, a critical mass of people, then
maybe it should just be done doocractically.
        - Or, maybe we should plan this and give everyone a chance to hang
        - Maybe there should be a slack channel to discuss this.
        - There will be beer.
        - Jay is the initial organizer.
        - #minireboot on slack
    - Triaging donations:
        - How do you triage donations? We have big piles.
        - Is there an actual procedure for triaging?
        - It's done totally do-ocratically. There's no procedure.
        - The thing is the original idea was that people who could assess
the utility of donations would do so, but it doesn't really happen.
        - Stuff needs to be stuck on the hack shelves or canned.
        - If there is enough backlog of stuff, things should be rejected
        - Important low level details:
            - There's an ewaste shelf in the gate area. If it fills up,
"you call and the dude shows up."
            - It's a term called: "reverse theft" when someone takes
something of no value and leaves it here, instead of getting something of
value and take it away
        - Talk to scotty, he knows things about this. But if he doesn't get
back to you, just do it.
        - Jeremy and Daryl have a #cleanup on slack. If you think something
is stale, stick a label on it and put it in #cleanup and it'll get purged
        - What size of things can go in the recycling bin:
            - Recology has a guide on the internet on what you can recycle.
    - Philanthropy:
        - Philanthropy is a thing we're you pay a regular donation and can
run the space. 24/7 access.
        - George wants to be a philanthropist.
    - Hot Water:
        - We used to have hot water but now we don't.
        - How does the hot water even work?
        - Jared would know but he's not here.
        - There are instant hot water questions.
        - Chris V. used to be a plumber and might be able to help
    - Club Mate:
        - Kyle, the 2600 contact, says 2500 for 800 bottles. 3.125
dollars/bottle (including shipping)
        - There's going to be an organizd group buy on the #groupbuy
channel. It will also be announced on #general
        - The last few times we've gotten Club Mate. It was sold by the
        - We might put in some stuff into the vending machine so it'll be
cold. And you might be able to pay with your phone
    - Nice Things Part II:
        - Chris V. is gonna set up a bunch of DLP printers.
        - Basically, really nice high-resolution printers.
        - He doesn't know shit about building printers and needs help
putting them together.
        - If you're interested in putting on together, talk to him.
        - There is a #printerbridge slack channel to get involved. @chrisv
on slack.
    - Unmeeting criticism:
        - Good format.
        - There was a lack of good information for newcomers.
        - Maybe we can keep doing this and offer to do a follow-up after
the meeting for newbies.

    - Claudio is a Canadian/Chilean professor/artist/architect and
participates in the hacktivist movement. He wants to present some stuff
about his work. What's the best way to present literally tomorrow because
he's leaving literally Thursday.
    - Soft relaunch of 5MOF in January
    - Stuart Mason is an artist at SFAI and is working a sculpture project
and needs some help with controlling physical stuff with twitter. He'll be

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