[Noisebridge-discuss] Ambisonic Sound at Noisebridge

Alexander Phleps alexander.phleps at mailbox.org
Tue Feb 2 20:33:49 UTC 2016

Hey everyone,

I’m in the bay area for a month, hanging out at Noisebridge from time to time. One of the things I’m interested in is spatial sound, and especially the interaction with spatial sound. 

There are different technologies and different creative approaches to this. One example is the Audium here in SF ( audium.org <http://audium.org/> ). It uses 176 speakers but it is possible to build installations with less, say 8 speakers using a technology called Ambisonics. Obviously this would not be as precise but should be enough for simpler installations.

So I wanted to propose to build such a thing in Noisebridge. As I’m backpacking right now, I don’t have the necessary equipment to do that. So I wanted to ask if it’s possible to get access to a lot of small speakers and an audio interface with as many output channels as possible. I know these things are expensive but if anyone could spare one even for just a couple of hours, I promise to treat it well. Also, there is nothing that may damages the device. It will simply be used by a piece of software (the spatialization renderer) that sends audio to the various output channels.

Alternatively, it may be possible to to use a lot of two or four channel audio interfaces on a USB hub as an aggregated device (on a Mac). 

As for the speakers, if it’s not possible to find similar speakers, a bunch of old crappy different desktop computer speakers will do.

Happy for any feedback.


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