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Sat Feb 6 02:01:52 UTC 2016

Hello NoiseBridge Mailing Lists!

My name is David,
I would like to share information about an upcoming event, about 2 weeks
out, on Thursday (2/18/2016) @ 20:00.

With support 5MoF has been revived and is hosting a guest speaker from the
Pi Foundation.

Here are details that Cover some important links to more information, like
signing up to speak/share, RSVP on Meetup, Start a project , and

A Night Welcome to All Members of the Communities-at-Large, and Curious
Technologists of-all-levels. Speaker Matt Richardson, Author published in
Make: and Mag Pi , will be Speaking. In the NoiseBridge Spirit we will have
arranged a Compassionate and Sweet MC to herd the Kittens into a Meow
Session ( 15 Minutes Presentation, 15 minutes of Q and A from Audience on
talk) .

Narrowing the Scope of a discussion to: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, And Mobile
Technologies is Announced, and posted to focus the Q & A in to a
ball-of-yarn of discussion that we all want to pounce on.

Note: please come to this Gathering Hosted at NoiseBridge. We will discuss
bigger concept like IoT, or Internet of Things.

Matt Richardson's recent publications include: the GPS Logger on the $5
Zero and stowed in a water proof container(MagPi issue #40). Also Co-Author
of "Make: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi" , get your copy here:


Theme of this Months five Minutes of Fame: "bridge"
We will encourage the "scope" the discussion to the "bridge" theme what can
be made with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis Combinations, using a bridge; by
seeking insights from the guest speaker, who is an expert in this field,
1st American Raspberry Pi Foundation Employee, Matt Richardson.

More at http:// <http://mattrichardson.com/>mattrichardson.com/

By Using 5 Minutes to ask a good short question to allow Matt to respond.
We could achieve maximum insights if we all take turns.

Please Indicate which time you could be a speaker at on this poll:

http:// <http://doodle.com/poll/zu4nta5bpn42gnax>doodle.com

Upon arrival please check in at " The Raspberry Pi Station.
to list your topic and we will call you at your time slot, 50% of speakers
may by drop'in, we have built in time to accommodate listeners present the
night of. Noise Bridge suggest a space use donation of $13 / per Person and
we do not accept no currencies.

No one turned away due to lack of funds. And the fund go to projects at the
501c.3 Educational non-profit in the Mission, a place that is love,

Donate at https <https://donate.noisebridge.net/%C2%A0to>://
<https://donate.noisebridge.net/%C2%A0to> and help support regular Pi Class
Wednesdays at 20:00, with Raspberry Pi Student Kits
more information at
http:// <http://noisebridge.net/pi>Noisebridge.net
<http://noisebridge.net/pi>/pi <http://noisebridge.net/pi>

Any Questions , please smell for catnip, if not yarn or catnip is present ,
try google, if google search provided little/no support, see
NoiseBridge.net/pi for information and raspberrypi.org . please contact
Bunny at NoiseBridge, using Derevation at gmail dot com if all above options
have been exhausted, there will be a quiz required in emails prefilled out
if the email expects a 24hour response.

For Rsvp'ing please use our Meetup- (thanks J! For setting up acct)


I am excited for this night, I am acting as Point-person for this event the
MC is a puppet do not bother Kitten Herder.


We are going to have a great discussion and I am looking forward to seeing
your projects or listening to ideas. I teach and coordinate the PiBridge
weekly class, with good outcomes.

David M
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