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Hi to all,
I have not been around Noisebridge for a while (several years), I’m keeping an eye on the list and meet people at the events. 
I would like to know if the “ban” on the people to enter Noisebridge is done still in a way that there has to be consensus reached? Based on the past events I understand that person who may be considered “dangerous” may/should be asked by anyone in the place to leave the place and allowed (if not extremely dangerous) to come back to defend herself/himself at the next group meeting, where based on consensus it is decided if he or she can stay or not -i’m not sure if you still have to wait at least one more meeting before the consensus can pass (because of the time needed for the announcement  etc.)). Is it so or things has changed?
Is it still true that any major announcement by Noisebridge made to public/media is suppose to be done by certain people only who are selected by Noisebridge to do so? 
I’ve read the Noisebridge public statement and I think that making public claim saying that the member is not welcomed by “us” at the place anymore without Noisebridge community having public meeting to discuss it seems to me unfair and non excellent. Who has decided this for the Noisebridge without the Noisebridge going through that? Especially when there is no reason to assume that Jake would show up at Noisebridge before the next meeting. Also there is a line in the statement: “we did not have a culture or structure for people to bring forward claims etc”. I remember issues happening in the place and there seemed to be enough structure and definitely culture to take care about mishaps, had to go through that by myself. 
I would like to ask the Noisebridge community to think and feel this through. This issue is very serious. True or not I think the group should try to do it’s best to resolve it as well as it can. This is how the group evolves and if things go well it grows and so do it’s members. Seems to me that making public statement where Noisebridge acknowledge the existence of the accusations and announces that it will go through that within it's community within the next few days or week or two should be more appropriate. 
One of the main reasons why I react on this issue is that when becoming a Noisebridge member in 2010 I got four sponsors to be allowed into the group - Mitch, Jim, Mike and yes Jacob. Back than we went by the paper and by the Noisebridge way “be excellent to each other”, I hope that still counts. You have to do what you have to do, just please try to do it right.
I do not have anything to add concerning the accusations, I’m afraid this is now part of your job to do and I do not envy you that.
Sincerely from Jejudo,
PS I’ll be unfortunately off-line for up to a week since tomorrow or day after because of the travel so I will need time to come back to this but well there is not too much more to say I feel like, I will be just reading the "history" when I'm back :-).  
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On 06/11/2016 12:45 AM, Andrey Fedorov wrote:> Sure thing, Jim. I'll refrain from quoting Niem?ller, and just say suppression> of discussion via emotional triggers is a really shallow rhetorical tactic.> I think we're better than that.
Should either the vast majority of the claims turn out to be unfoundedor -even worse- the whole thing turn out to likely be a coordinatedsmear campaign, I would hope that Noisebridge and others who have madedenouncements would have the stones to make a *very* public apology. Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck

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