[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Statement on Jacob Appelbaum

VonGuard vonguard at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 15:45:14 UTC 2016

Personally, I don't give a rats ass what this "looks like from the

If one more fucking person DEMANDS that the victims come forward with
evidence and photos and videos and rape kits, I'm gonna blow my fucking

Demanding evidence is NOT what you do in these cases.  Instead, you quietly
discuss, find the evidence and statements needed quietly, AND NOT IN
PUBLIC, so as not to shame and humiliate the victims.

If you think Noisebridge did wrong, you don't trust Noisebridge. This
decision was NOT made lightly, and as it CLEARLY states in the statement,
Jake was a problem at Noisebridge BEFORE this began.

You want facts? You go get raped by him then come back here and listen to
everyone tell you you're lying. Then try to cough up some "facts."

This is an inherently messy situation, and you know what? Reminding us all
of that fact and questioning the victims is NOT HELPING. We know.
Noisebridge knows. Noisebridge has WAY more experience with Jake than most
people. Either trust that Noisebridge did right, or find a hackerspace
where Jake is allowed in the door, if it matters that much to you.

We're fucking done with him. Go plead his case and cast aspersions on the
victims elsewhere.

It makes me physically ill to see more people supporting Jake than the
victims. I don't care how ham-fisted their reports sound. Assuming multiple
ladies and men are lying and Noisebridge is just being reactionary is just

For all these accusations to be right ONLY ONE THING MUST BE TRUE: Jacob
has to be a bad guy. Terrible to believe, I know.

For all the accusations to be wrong, and for all these orgs to to toss
Jacob out improperly, then everyone of the orgs and every one of Jacobs
accusers has to be wrong.

Explain to me again how it makes sense to shame the victims and everyone
else involved and run to the defense of a single, powerful individual
accused of shaming victims and threatening them. Please explain to me how
the one accused of making these victims feel afraid and ashamed needs your
help, rather than the victims needing your help.

Please, continue discussing this on the email list and informing all of us
at Noisebridge that we made a hasty decisions you don't like, assuming
wee're all just reactionaries and making this shit up. Assume we don't know
Jacob better than you. Please, continue to assume we don't have dozens of
other cases where Jacob hurt members of the Noisebridge community in the
past. Please assume we're just being vengeful.

Please, continue to victim shame.

On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 8:33 AM, robb <sf99er at gmail.com> wrote:

> fwiw, from the outside, this looks like a smear campaign.
> perhaps an account of the facts - changing the names to protect the
> innocent - could be posted somewhere.
> repeated statements of conclusions w/o facts are not convincing & do more
> to raise suspicions about an unaccountable process than they do about
> Appelbaum's conduct.
> the allegations against jake are extremely serious accusations.
> it is imperative to handle this matter responsibly for all the parties
> involved - including nb & tor project.
> ~r
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