[Noisebridge-discuss] Cypherpunks Write Code: First Meetup next Saturday 11/3 @ Noisebridge!

Mike Perry mikeperry at torproject.org
Sat Nov 5 18:40:34 UTC 2016

Yay! Thanks for putting this together, Steve! I would be there, but it
is conflicting with the Aaron Swartz hackathon. Please don't give up
(like I did :/) if turnout seems low this time. I will tell people at
the Aaron Swartz day about it and try to get some more interest in this
meetup, too.

Thanks again for being awesome!

Steve Phillips:
> Hey all,
> I talked to some Noisebridge Members (with a capital 'M') at the Tuesday
> weekly meeting who said I should make sure to tell people here that
> Noisebridge is (awesomely) down to host the first event for my new Meetup
> group -- *Cypherpunks Write Code
> <https://www.meetup.com/Cypherpunks-Write-Code/>*, which exists to
> galvanize the hacker/developer and designer communities to contribute to
> free, open source, privacy-enhancing software that the world desperately
> needs.
> Thank you, Noisebridge!
> Saturday 11/3 event description:
> *Since the Snowden revelations: more people use Tor! More people use
> Signal! Snowden is safe!*
> *But perhaps these facts have lulled us to sleep exactly when the world
> needs cypherpunks to buckle down most, before digital human privacy is
> simply gone; almost all privacy-enhancing software development is being
> poured into nearly-identical secure messaging apps, after all, rather than
> protecting the many other things we do with software (which we'll talk
> about, too).*
> *I (Steve Phillips) will cover the surveillance realities confronting us,
> what has been done to protect netizens from suspicionless surveillance thus
> far, and which (types of) privacy-enhancing projects seem to be most
> critical for us developers and designers to contribute to most urgently.*
> *Then we'll open it up to group discussion to talk more about all of the
> above and more, including your ideas for which projects deserve our
> attention and should perhaps be the focus of our very first Cypherpunks
> Write Code hackathon -- at our next event in just a few weeks.*
> *6:30pm - Arrive*
> *6:45pm - Talk + Group discussion*
> *8:30pm - End (approximate time; feel free to leave earlier if you need to,
> or stick around longer!)*
> *I look forward to meeting you all! Let's do this.*
> This event is *Saturday 11/3 at 6:30pm at Noisebridge*.  You can RSVP here:
> https://www.meetup.com/Cypherpunks-Write-Code/events/235214356/
> After this intro event, the next Cypherpunks Write Code will be like most
> of our events -- a completely action-oriented hackathon with ~2 featured
> projects during which *cypherpunks write code* (either for the featured
> projects or other privacy-enhancing/encryption software of their
> choosing).  There will also be interviews and other input from the minds
> behind these projects, and from activists, journalists, and other targeted
> groups who have especially urgent privacy needs -- and can therefore use
> our help the most.
> See you there
> <https://www.meetup.com/Cypherpunks-Write-Code/events/235214356/>!
> --Steve

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