[Noisebridge-discuss] welding shop?

jarrod hicks hicksu at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 21:50:14 UTC 2016

I just picked up a MIG/Flux-Core yesterday on craigslist. I, and others,
figured it will be a good start. This is it:


We need SAFETY gear and other accessories. Other welders and equipment, are
of course welcome. I wouldn't personally bring in any equipment that is
broken or unreliable.

I have a list of things we still need to acquire to get going (its written
with myself as the audience, but here it is):


   Safety Gear: Check craigslist for this stuff

      Signage: I expect there is plenty of already made safety signage
      related to welding. There should be as much safety information
on the walls
      as possible.

      Helmets: Full Face, Neck, Head coverage is preferred. Auto Darkening
      is good, but expensive. We should have more than one. Hand held
shields are
      also a nice option for short tasks and  training sessions. Just closing
      your eyes is a REALLY BAD idea. “Auto-darkening is a nice feature, but a
      #10 filter is sufficient for many welders. Some prefer a standard helmet
      with proper shade. If working with higher-amp arcs, you will need more
      shade. “

      Gloves: We should get several types and have them clearly marked for
      hot area work and their intended usage: i.e. forge or welding, MIG / TIG

      Clothing: Avoid synthetic materials, cotton / leather is best.
      Exposed skin gets “sunburned”.  “Leather clothing is the safest
choice, but
      it is also the warmest. Therefore, many welders wear leather sleeves,
      longer gauntlet gloves, a leather apron, or a kind of modified
welding bib”
       Protect your feet, if loner steel toe boots were possible, that would be


      Gas, Argon for MIG

      Gas Container(s)

      A cart for the gas containers and a means to secure it upright for

      Rods and wire for welding

   Hand tools This is probably worth scouring Craigslist for

      Clamps (many types)

      Hammers, chipping hammers

      Bonus: Anvil and misc metal work / shaping

      Angle grinder and various discs

   Metal Shelving for tools

      Repurpose some of the metal shelving and scrap for this

   Welding table(s)


   Need to source two similar sturdy metalwork / welding type tables for
   the room.

   1. If we get welding stuff we could build the rest of the hot area
   furniture ourselves

On Sat, Oct 22, 2016 at 2:22 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> i see that the welding shop is looking really good!
> http://imgur.com/gallery/ElehX
> but there's something missing...a welder?
> is there a plan to get one in there?  TIG hopefully?
> I might be able to find a MIG welder to put in there for now..  or are
> things on hold for some reason?
> see you all tomorrow at the laser party.
> -jake
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