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This is a tip from my time at the lvl1 hackerspace in Louisville. We discovered that unless we had one of those auto turn off timer valves (like on a propane grill) one of us would inevitably forgetfully leave the gas on and leave. A week later the aged welder would have slowly leaked all our fancy air away. We tried yelling at at each other for a bit first and then just bought the valve. Peace reigned. 

I like the harbor freight welding gloves and weird leather sleeve cloth welding jacket. Seems to have been enough all this time. Don't know about the helmets. I've heard all the way from absolutely don't to good. 

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> On Oct 22, 2016, at 2:50 PM, jarrod hicks <hicksu at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just picked up a MIG/Flux-Core yesterday on craigslist. I, and others, figured it will be a good start. This is it:
> http://www.lincolnelectric.com/en-us/equipment/Pages/product.aspx?product=K2481-1(LincolnElectric)
> We need SAFETY gear and other accessories. Other welders and equipment, are of course welcome. I wouldn't personally bring in any equipment that is broken or unreliable.
> I have a list of things we still need to acquire to get going (its written with myself as the audience, but here it is):
> Safety Gear: Check craigslist for this stuff
> Signage: I expect there is plenty of already made safety signage related to welding. There should be as much safety information on the walls as possible.
> Helmets: Full Face, Neck, Head coverage is preferred. Auto Darkening is good, but expensive. We should have more than one. Hand held shields are also a nice option for short tasks and  training sessions. Just closing your eyes is a REALLY BAD idea. “Auto-darkening is a nice feature, but a #10 filter is sufficient for many welders. Some prefer a standard helmet with proper shade. If working with higher-amp arcs, you will need more shade. “
> Gloves: We should get several types and have them clearly marked for hot area work and their intended usage: i.e. forge or welding, MIG / TIG
> Clothing: Avoid synthetic materials, cotton / leather is best. Exposed skin gets “sunburned”.  “Leather clothing is the safest choice, but it is also the warmest. Therefore, many welders wear leather sleeves, longer gauntlet gloves, a leather apron, or a kind of modified welding bib”  Protect your feet, if loner steel toe boots were possible, that would be good.
> Consumables
> Gas, Argon for MIG
> Gas Container(s)
> A cart for the gas containers and a means to secure it upright for safety
> Rods and wire for welding
> Hand tools This is probably worth scouring Craigslist for
> Clamps (many types)
> Hammers, chipping hammers
> Bonus: Anvil and misc metal work / shaping
> Angle grinder and various discs
> Metal Shelving for tools
> Repurpose some of the metal shelving and scrap for this
> Welding table(s)
> Need to source two similar sturdy metalwork / welding type tables for the room.
> If we get welding stuff we could build the rest of the hot area furniture ourselves
>> On Sat, Oct 22, 2016 at 2:22 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
>> i see that the welding shop is looking really good!
>> http://imgur.com/gallery/ElehX
>> but there's something missing...a welder?
>> is there a plan to get one in there?  TIG hopefully?
>> I might be able to find a MIG welder to put in there for now..  or are things on hold for some reason?
>> see you all tomorrow at the laser party.
>> -jake
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