[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge MakerFaire 2017 - Thoughts and Thank-yous

jarrod hicks hicksu at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 05:38:23 UTC 2017

Hello Hacker Friends.

Noisebridge was well represented at MakerFaire this year and I wanted
to spend a moment here reflecting on the show and thanking everyone

During MakerFaire, we told hundreds of people about Noisebridge and
invited them to the space. We showed Simbridge and we showed the
Ordibooth. We shared our projects with others, met new people who
shared their ideas with us, and saw a variety of inspiring things. We
even won an Editor’s Choice award,.. which is fun too. We should be
proud of the way we presented our Hackerspace during the faire.

Even so, our MakerFaire project is really about Noisebridge. It is a
chance to work on something big together and learn more about each
other. There is enough of a deadline to motivate us to finish and just
enough pressure, knowing that we will be showing it off to crowds of
people, to push ourselves to do work we will be proud of. At the show
we get to see how people respond to our work, and enjoy that feeling
of “I can hardly believe we actually make this happen.”

It was amazing to see how well the projects ended up turning out and
it was a lot of fun to work with everyone during the show. The crowds
for Simbridge were unprecedented for our booth. The  experience of
sending people on virtual tours of Noisebridge was a excellent way to
engage people with our space. The Ordibooth was impressive enough that
people were happy to line up and wait 40 - 60 minutes to engage with
our art project; and have us draw their face with a robot. While in
the booth we continued to improve and streamline the software, our
internal communication with each other, and our crowd management

Good times.

This show and the projects would not have happened without the
participation of a large group of people. Thank you all very much for
taking you time to help with the show. I hope we get to more on more
great things together.

The beginning of a MakerFaire 2017 show team credits are listed on the
wiki page here.


I’ve have started listing people, but this list is incomplete. If you
helped with the projects and production this year, please feel free to
add yourself.


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