[Noisebridge-discuss] Save a women/trans-led hacker space and community center in Oakland!

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Fri Mar 17 04:20:06 UTC 2017

LOL in Oakland is trying to buy their building! They're seeking donations
toward their downpayment.  More info below and at the donation link-



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Subject: Save a women/trans-led hacker space and community center in Oakland
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Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL) is a people of color, trans, and
women-led hacker/maker space and community center in East Oakland. Their
building has been put up for sale, leading to an imminent eviction.

With the support of community programs, LOL has a *unique opportunity to
buy the entire building* if they can raise money for the downpayment. This
is a concrete opportunity to fight gentrification in Oakland, as the
building also hosts-

* a community bike shop (The Bikery, part of Cycles of Change)
* a QTIBIPOC-led community garden (SOL - Sustaining Ourselves Locally)
* a martial arts and self-defense studio led by Shaolin monks (Shaolin Life)
* arts + healing programs for queer and trans Black/Indigenous/people of
color (Peacock Rebellion)

LOL is a vibrant community space, it's recent events include -

- a Legal Clinic for transgender people to update state and federal
- Community Gardening education for local youth of color
- a Digital Security 101 workshop for LGBTQ people

Please support LOL and their neighboring collectives by donating
<https://www.youcaring.com/thetenantsandthecommunity-773671> and sharing

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