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Thanks for the meeting notes and facilitation Naomi.

Here is a follow-up email as requested.  I brought this item up as a "small-c" item 2 weeks ago at the Noisebridge meeting.  I was told if nothing was done in 2 weeks that I should bring it up as a formal consensus item.  So here it is. The proposed consensus item is as follows:

I request that we establish an Elevator Repair Fund at Noisebridge.  This fund could be as modest or ambitious as people like, but I believe a minimum of $400 per annual year would do a great deal to benefit the space.  

The elevator is necessary for those that use Noisebridge with mobility aids (such as wheelchairs), for people with non-visible disabilities (elderly, diabetes, MS, fibro, etc.), for incoming large furniture and donations, and for taking out the regular trash.

As many know, the elevator was broken for a full 2 months recently.  Unlike broken tools or equipment, this made the space completely inaccessible for members in the community.  I think it would be most excellent to prevent this in the future by establishing a modest fund whereby we could hire people, obtain necessary parts and supplies, and keep this "must need" basic access to the space.

Note: the elevator still needs a lot of work to be fully safe and operational.  There is machine work to fix the broken front gate, a missing call light downstairs, a call box repair, floor switch detection issues, and other things all documented on the elevator wiki.

Looking forward to hearing input from the community.  Hopefully we can all agree that this would be a positive benefit to Noisebridge.

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Greetings, NB(D),

A meeting occurred!

Notably, we have a Real Live Consensus Item from Zach concerning the idea of setting up an officially set-aside Elevator Repair Fund.

The argument revolves around the idea that the Elevator is a "must have" whereas stuff in the general equipment fund usually falls into the category of "it would be cool if".

Zach should post a followup to this email to make his proposal more concrete.


TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  *   Announcements: Haskell Class starting Oct 18th (every 1st and 3rd Wednesday). Cryptobuilders workshop every 2nd and 4th Wednesday.
  *   Finances: ???
  *   New members: nope but we should contact Merlin and let her know she's at 4 weeks!
  *   New philanthropists: nope
  *   Consensus Items: Elevator Repair Fund
  *   Discussion Items: people lost interest and went to the Internet Archive at this point.

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