[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Meeting 10/10/2017

jim jim at well.com
Thu Oct 12 21:59:05 UTC 2017

     seems to me the elevator fund should provide some
money, mostly enough to pay all or most of anticipated
parts required: what kinds of parts are we likely to
need, where to get (or make) them (* optional story
below *), what cost each?
     should be okay that the fund is somewhat insufficient;
it should be enough for any small parts and near enough
for likely expensive parts.

     v. bad idea to pay NB members for their time working
to improve the place.

[* optional story, a great hack in the desert *]
     An American on adventure drove through the Baja
peninsula. Roads and heat were rough. At some point
the vehicle threw a rod (metal link between a piston
and engine crank).
     The American was used to going to parts stores. No
parts stores in the Baja desert, but there was a woman
who lived there. The American approached her and asked
where were parts stores?
     The woman asked what was wrong. He explained. She
told him it was okay, there were no parts stores, but
she could fix the problem.
     The two of them dismantled the engine to the point
they could extract the broken rod. The woman took the
two pieces of the rod and pressed them together into
the desert sand.
     She then got out an oxy-acetylene torch and blasted
the two pieces of the rod until they melted. Pressed
into the soil, the molten metal had no place to go other
than to reform itself into the cavity made by the two
pieces of the broken rod. Presto, a new, unbroken rod.
     After it cooled, they re-installed the rod and
re-assembled the engine.
     The American was able to drive away (and probably
found a parts store on his travels).

     We might try that if some custom part breaks: press
the pieces together in some sand or proper clay and
fire up a torch to recreate the part.
[end optional story]

On 10/12/2017 08:03 PM, Trent Robbins wrote:
> With regards to the elevator fund, I think $400 is too low and don't 
> see any need to put a cap on expenses within reasonable expense.  As I 
> mentioned in a previous email I don't support paying individuals for 
> work except if mandated to do so by the state.
> Trent
> On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 12:45 PM, jim <jim at well.com 
> <mailto:jim at well.com>> wrote:
>     +1
>     On 10/12/2017 07:06 PM, Trent Robbins wrote:
>>     I feel that paying people for work they do on Noisebridge
>>     infrastructure runs counter to what Noisebridge is.
>>     I wanted to write something complex but this webpage has a far
>>     better collection of thoughts than I could come up with on my
>>     own: https://communitywiki.org/wiki/DoOcracy
>>     <https://communitywiki.org/wiki/DoOcracy>
>>     Trent
>>     On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 11:33 AM, John Shutt
>>     <john.d.shutt at gmail.com <mailto:john.d.shutt at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>         X-post from #finance-wg on Slack:
>>         I would support spending a certain amount of money for parts
>>         for the elevator, but share others' concerns about anyone
>>         getting paid for their time from the Noisebridge bank
>>         account. There are lots of critical tasks in addition to
>>         fixing the elevator: managing finances, cleaning trash,
>>         running the access control and server systems, leading tours,
>>         86-ing hazardous people, etc. We can't pay for all of the
>>         work that needs to be done to keep the space running. Legally
>>         it's the landlord's responsibility to keep the elevator
>>         working, but they've done a very poor job and I recognize
>>         that DIY fixes will be faster. Even though we're spending
>>         money on a building we don't own, it's worth it to make the
>>         space accessible. As for a separate elevator fund, I think it
>>         would be best if there was a separate fundraising push or
>>         donation to make it happen, which was the case with the
>>         broadcast fund and equipment fund, but if it's less than $400
>>         per year for parts I don't think spending from the general f
>>          und is a big deal.
>>         Adding to the Slack post: I don't think $400 should
>>         necessarily be a cap on our budget for parts for the
>>         elevator, if it needs more than that. And I would encourage
>>         anyone interested in doing so to look into whether we can
>>         legally pay a licensed professional to fix the elevator and
>>         deduct the cost from our rent to the landlord.
>>         I also think it would be excellent for people to donate money
>>         to Zach through PayPal for his work on the elevator, outside
>>         of Noisebridge funds. I donated what I could, which is
>>         unfortunately not much right now. I'm all for people being
>>         paid for their work, but know that Noisebridge itself can't
>>         afford to pay for all the critical work that has to be done
>>         to keep the space operating.
>>         John
>>         Sent from my iPhone
>>         > On Oct 11, 2017, at 3:14 AM, Zach R
>>         <organicunity at hotmail.com <mailto:organicunity at hotmail.com>>
>>         wrote:
>>         >
>>         > Thanks for the meeting notes and facilitation Naomi.
>>         >
>>         > Here is a follow-up email as requested.  I brought this
>>         item up as a "small-c" item 2 weeks ago at the Noisebridge
>>         meeting.  I was told if nothing was done in 2 weeks that I
>>         should bring it up as a formal consensus item.  So here it
>>         is. The proposed consensus item is as follows:
>>         >
>>         > I request that we establish an Elevator Repair Fund at
>>         Noisebridge.  This fund could be as modest or ambitious as
>>         people like, but I believe a minimum of $400 per annual year
>>         would do a great deal to benefit the space.
>>         >
>>         > The elevator is necessary for those that use Noisebridge
>>         with mobility aids (such as wheelchairs), for people with
>>         non-visible disabilities (elderly, diabetes, MS, fibro,
>>         etc.), for incoming large furniture and donations, and for
>>         taking out the regular trash.
>>         >
>>         > As many know, the elevator was broken for a full 2 months
>>         recently.  Unlike broken tools or equipment, this made the
>>         space completely inaccessible for members in the community. 
>>         I think it would be most excellent to prevent this in the
>>         future by establishing a modest fund whereby we could hire
>>         people, obtain necessary parts and supplies, and keep this
>>         "must need" basic access to the space.
>>         >
>>         > Note: the elevator still needs a lot of work to be fully
>>         safe and operational.  There is machine work to fix the
>>         broken front gate, a missing call light downstairs, a call
>>         box repair, floor switch detection issues, and other things
>>         all documented on the elevator wiki.
>>         >
>>         > Looking forward to hearing input from the community. 
>>         Hopefully we can all agree that this would be a positive
>>         benefit to Noisebridge.
>>         > .
>>         > -Zach
>>         >
>>         >
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>>         > Greetings, NB(D),
>>         >
>>         > A meeting occurred!
>>         >
>>         > Notably, we have a Real Live Consensus Item from Zach
>>         concerning the idea of setting up an officially set-aside
>>         Elevator Repair Fund.
>>         >
>>         > The argument revolves around the idea that the Elevator is
>>         a "must have" whereas stuff in the general equipment fund
>>         usually falls into the category of "it would be cool if".
>>         >
>>         > Zach should post a followup to this email to make his
>>         proposal more concrete.
>>         >
>>         > https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Meeting_Notes_2017_10_10
>>         <https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Meeting_Notes_2017_10_10>
>>         >
>>         >
>>         > TLDR what happened at the meeting:
>>         >
>>         > *   Announcements: Haskell Class starting Oct 18th (every
>>         1st and 3rd Wednesday). Cryptobuilders workshop every 2nd and
>>         4th Wednesday.
>>         > *   Finances: ???
>>         > *   New members: nope but we should contact Merlin and let
>>         her know she's at 4 weeks!
>>         > *   New philanthropists: nope
>>         > *   Consensus Items: Elevator Repair Fund
>>         > *   Discussion Items: people lost interest and went to the
>>         Internet Archive at this point.
>>         >
>>         >
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