[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Meeting 10/10/2017

Revolt revoltrightnow at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 22:02:21 UTC 2017

Sending replies from my other emails since my hotmail address is
bouncing on the discuss (I cannot figure out who NB Discuss Admin is,
can someone put me into contact with them?)

John makes some good points about re: ownership of building.  The
landlord should pay, but they are not going to and the laws do not
make it easy for us to "force" them.  This just isn't going to happen,
or it would have happened a long time ago.  Like most all things at
NB, this issue needs to be solved collectively by members of the

>so we should be judicious in how we spend general fund money on the elevator.>
Agreed.  That is why I am suggesting a modest $400/year or less budget
for repairs

>our lease ends next year>
This is good to know, I wasn't aware of this.

>I would like to avoid investing thousands more into common area repairs>
I don't see how this applies.  $400/year or less would not amount to
spending anywhere near thousands of dollars if we move in 1 year...

Here's what I sent earlier today (bounced from list so far):

RE: [Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Meeting 10/10/2017
Zach R
jim (jim at well.com);noisebridge-discuss at lists.noisebridge.net
I think Trent makes a good point about member work at NB not being
something funds are for.  i.e. the Treasure is a good example of
something necessary for NB to function as well.

To clarify, could we agree to at least one  or both of the following
uses of an Elevator Fund?

1) to hire /outside/ professional help with elevator repair (from a
private company or union that would issue a receipt)
2) to purchase parts for the elevator (with receipts)

I understand the perspective of fundraising, but this requires work
and I have tried this already appealing to lots of people with
literally zero results.  When something as necessary as the elevator
is broken it shouldn't require months of fundraising efforts to get
basic funds to make it run again...

The landlord hasn't just done a poor job, they haven't done a job at
all.  The elevator would still be broken if myself and others hadn't
spent the hours repairing it.  This was hard to do with my
disabilities and I was not able to attempt it for months.  I had to
injure myself and take the full initiative on this, no one else setup
time to repair it.  This situation was unexcellent and I am trying to
avoid it in the future not if, but /when/ the elevator breaks again.

Lastly, we have NB funds put aside for things less crucial than the
elevator.  It seems reasonable to have a small fund for this.  It
could be literally any amount.  I thought $400/year was a reasonable
place to start the conversation.


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