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Thu Oct 12 22:20:28 UTC 2017

seems right to me

On 10/12/2017 10:02 PM, Revolt wrote:
> Sending replies from my other emails since my hotmail address is
> bouncing on the discuss (I cannot figure out who NB Discuss Admin is,
> can someone put me into contact with them?)
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> John makes some good points about re: ownership of building.  The
> landlord should pay, but they are not going to and the laws do not
> make it easy for us to "force" them.  This just isn't going to happen,
> or it would have happened a long time ago.  Like most all things at
> NB, this issue needs to be solved collectively by members of the
> community.
>> so we should be judicious in how we spend general fund money on the elevator.>
> Agreed.  That is why I am suggesting a modest $400/year or less budget
> for repairs
>> our lease ends next year>
> This is good to know, I wasn't aware of this.
>> I would like to avoid investing thousands more into common area repairs>
> I don't see how this applies.  $400/year or less would not amount to
> spending anywhere near thousands of dollars if we move in 1 year...
> -Zach
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> Here's what I sent earlier today (bounced from list so far):
> RE: [Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Meeting 10/10/2017
> Zach R
> jim (jim at well.com);noisebridge-discuss at lists.noisebridge.net
> I think Trent makes a good point about member work at NB not being
> something funds are for.  i.e. the Treasure is a good example of
> something necessary for NB to function as well.
> To clarify, could we agree to at least one  or both of the following
> uses of an Elevator Fund?
> 1) to hire /outside/ professional help with elevator repair (from a
> private company or union that would issue a receipt)
> 2) to purchase parts for the elevator (with receipts)
> I understand the perspective of fundraising, but this requires work
> and I have tried this already appealing to lots of people with
> literally zero results.  When something as necessary as the elevator
> is broken it shouldn't require months of fundraising efforts to get
> basic funds to make it run again...
> The landlord hasn't just done a poor job, they haven't done a job at
> all.  The elevator would still be broken if myself and others hadn't
> spent the hours repairing it.  This was hard to do with my
> disabilities and I was not able to attempt it for months.  I had to
> injure myself and take the full initiative on this, no one else setup
> time to repair it.  This situation was unexcellent and I am trying to
> avoid it in the future not if, but /when/ the elevator breaks again.
> Lastly, we have NB funds put aside for things less crucial than the
> elevator.  It seems reasonable to have a small fund for this.  It
> could be literally any amount.  I thought $400/year was a reasonable
> place to start the conversation.
> -Zach
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