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Fri Oct 13 22:30:13 UTC 2017

More news from DBI:

Since we did an estimated $1000 worth of work on the SparkleForge, we're required to spend $200 (20%) on accessibility improvements, starting with the entryway. So right now that's seeding the Elevator Repair Fund (Accessibility Fund?) with $200. We don't need consensus on it since it's a legal requirement that we do it. With a matching $200 grant from the equipment fund, we have $400 to spend right now on elevator stuff. When the check from Phillip's employer arrives, the elevator fund will get a $720 boost, and be eligible for another $720 match from the equipment fund.

So if we know what we can do with $400 to improve the elevator, we can move on that now without a need for formal consensus.

If we want to keep working towards a consensus proposal to improve accessibility, I would suggest modifying and expanding the proposal to create an earmarked Accessibility Fund that's fed in some way on a regular basis from the general fund or by a separate donation drive. That would provide a clear funding mechanism and budget to continue making accessibility improvements to the space over time, working along the lines of the equipment fund, and with matching grants from the equipment fund.


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On Oct 13, 2017, at 2:55 PM, Phillip Pearson <pp at myelin.nz> wrote:

>>>> In this actual case, this discussion led to an observer pledging money
>>>> to a dedicated Elevator Repair Fund nearly double the size of what was
>>>> originally requested, which I consider a good outcome.
>> This is great!  Who is this mystery person (or do they want to remain
>> anonymous?)  I would like to get in contact with them.  I can do some
>> of the research on a qualified repair person to come to NB and I can
>> fill them in on repairs so far.
> That would be me :)
> The money is coming from a matching grant from my employer; AFAICT it
> should get to Noisebridge in 45-60 days.
> I'm afraid I don't really have any time to actually help repair the
> elevator, but I like your repair fund proposal, and want to support
> the project.  I think it is an excellent idea to have a small amount
> of money set aside for parts, outside help, possibly a professional
> contract, so that folks can just go fix it rather than first having to
> debate the merits of spending money from the general fund.
> - Phil
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