[Noisebridge-discuss] Zero Commitment / Zero Effort Fundraising Advisory

Matt Arcidy marcidy at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 04:51:18 UTC 2018


People with skills/experience/capabilities but no time/effort.  I need
people who can provide guidance and/or give specific, targetted advice
but have zero ability/desire to otherwise be involved.

Expert network I can draw on to accelerate fund-raising.  I will send
concise, specific questions and/or short summaries for comment.
Answer or comment as desired, zero pressure, zero expectation.

*Reply directly to me with skill or knowledge to contribute*
I will manage communication on a 1:1 basis, no group emails.  These
roles are for direct advice on specific questions, not to discuss
openly how people feel about the weather.

Skills Desired:
1) non-profit fund raising (narratives, donor management
2) Industrial property acquisition (broker, legal, closing, loans)
3) PR/Marketing
4) Networking (help me expand this network, help expand NB's
fundraising network, help getting from point A to point B, social,
message amplification e.g. retweeting etc)
5) Management advice (people, project, vendor)
6) If you see an omission, please let me know (and fill it!).

**Everyone** can help by looking for people who will in-turn look for
other people to help.  **Amplify this message** ("Hey, do you know
anyone who can...?).

This email arose from meeting two people last night with a deep
investment in NB, both of whom have amazing experience and
capabilities, but otherwise do not have the time to help.  I know more
of you like this are out there, so I want to know you and give you the
way to contribute.

If you can help in any capacity excluding actioning a task or
expending effort, please email me directly and join the Do Almost
Nothing  fund-raising effort.


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