[Noisebridge-discuss] Jungian cognitive analysis (apprentice level) -- 60 mins on-site or video chat

Naomi Most pnaomi at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 07:42:33 UTC 2018

Hello all you literate life-forms,

This message goes out to anyone who has a human brain (made of meat) and wants to know how to use it better.

I’ve been doing a year-long course in Jungian personality analysis (it’s a certification usually taken by relationship counselors) and I need to clock some practical hours with Real Live Humans in order to certify.

To that end I am offering free 60-minute Jungian cognitive analysis sessions using the principles of the Jungian archetypes and theoretical cognitive functions *starting this week* and continuing through January.

I’m planning to do this at Noisebridge until further notice.  I may just set up drop-in hours there, but I would like to test interest first.

This is a conversation-based approach (no tests, no gadgets).  At the end of our session I’ll give you a Jungian picture of which Jungian cognitive functions you seem to prefer — “the unique wiring of your mind” — and what this means for finding your highest-leverage personal growth path.

Pipe up and lemme know if you’re interested!  Happy to discuss more, answer questions, and book appointments.

Not a Robot (yet),

ps. fine print: I am not a psychologist nor am I working towards a degree in psychology.  I’m doing this course as a way to understand my own meatbrain better, to better interact with other brains, and to help people understand their cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  I believe mutual understanding is a great path to mutual respect.

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