[Noisebridge-discuss] You like space (cubesats) and love to talk about it? I would like to visit NB until 17.Oct.2018

Andreas Hornig andreas.hornig at aerospaceresearch.net
Fri Oct 12 21:04:18 UTC 2018

Hello Noisebridge,

are some of you interested in space and would love to talk about it?
I am in the Bay Area for our open-source Distributed Ground Station Network
for tracking cubesats. I will be here until Wednesday 17th of October and
would like to visit NB again.

I had been in NB in 2014 after Mitch invited us shackspace people from
Stuttgart for a visit. I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your
projects. I would like to see what you are up to know and perhaps we can
also chat about our projects (there are some more space projects than just
DGSN). And maybe we will find another location for a ground station in Bay
Area, what would be really great.

I will come for a visit anyway between Sunday late afternoon after Google
Summer of Code Mentor Summit and Tuesday. But if you are interested, just
drop me a reply here, to find a good time and so that we can meet.

See you soon,

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