[Noisebridge-jobs] Flash Ad Developer(written by friend from work's Dad)

Jean Rintoul jean.rintoul at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 22:38:42 UTC 2009

<noisebridge-jobs at lists.noisebridge.net>Candidate Overview:

·   Extensive and proven experience in creating rich media, expandable Flash
Banner Ads using Hover technology, embedded audio and video

·   Working examples of these types of ads must be provided

·   Knowledge in building and coding banner ads to meet requirements of a
national network running on multiple publishers sites.

Project Overview:

2 Expandable Flash Banner Ads that includes a hover effect for mouse overs

(728x90, expands to 728x315/300x250, expands to 500x300)

Part A) Non-expanded - Simple, clean opening animation for:

·   Header, Secondary Header, Call to Action: Animation draws attention to
it to engage the viewer interact with ad) (Hover effect for mouse over of

·   5 different products in a row  (What viewer will mouse over to go to
expanded part of ad)

·   Logo
Part B) Expanded - Simple, clean transition from Non-expanded to Expanded

·   Logo

·   5 individual , side-by-side product comparisons (Ours vs Theirs, with
price, size/weight, ingredients

·   Close Button in top right corner of expanded part of ads, as well as
automatically returns to main/non-expanded part of ad when viewer moves
mouse/cursor away

·   Call to Action

·   2 Links at the bottom for more info
     Email: info at 26dottwo.com
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