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Subject: 	Freelance web developer needed
Date: 	Mon, 10 Aug 2009 14:10:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: 	Tyler Sterkel <sterkelt at yahoo.com>

My company needs to hire a contract developer. Do any of you know anyone
who could be able to lend a hand? You may forward this email as-is.

The project involves putting the client's internal museum collections
database online and creating a web interface for it, and also enabling
Google Site Search across their entire web site.

The client's internal collections DB is stored in a product called EMu,
created by KE Software. KE's underlying technologies are called Texql
and Texpress. We don't expect anyone to know these specific
technologies, but anyone well-versed in database architecture and SQL
should be able to figure it out. We'll probably need to export from EMu
into XML, then import from XML into SQL, and read that SQL DB via the
front-end pages.

Skills required:
 * .NET 2.0 (Console + ASP.NET) (esp. VB.NET)
 * MVP development framework
 * Microsoft SQL
 * XML
 * experience with Google search technology (specifically Google Site

If you know anyone who might fit the bill for this, let me know.


Tyler Sterkel
Mediatrope Interactive Studio
207 Powell Street, #300
San Francisco, CA  94102
v 415 896 2000 x11
f 415 896 2212

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