[Noisebridge-jobs] 6-Month Internship

Julian Hammer julian.hammer at u-sys.org
Thu Jun 16 17:00:24 UTC 2011

Hey all,
I found out about this mailing list by using noisebridge-discuss at first, so this list is now more appropriate.
I came by noisebridge because I'm quite active in the german hacker scene and heard from a friend that some people at noisebridge may be able to help me out. Last summer I even made it once in to your hackerspace, after searching up and down the street for half an hour...

To the point:
I am in my last semester of my bachelor program in computational engineering in Erlangen, Germany. Currently I am writing my bachelor thesis about gridless parallel simulations, with mpi. Engineering programs in Germany typically require an "industry internship" of some sort, which I have not done so far. I would have to do at least 10 weeks, but would prefer to use a complete semester and do it abroad, before starting with a master program. I plan on finishing my thesis in late august, that I can start with an internship in october.

Computational engineering, at my university, is the study of engineerings sciences combined with computer science, aiming at the development of scientific simulations by use of numerical methods, parallel programming and knowledge of computer, cluster and network architectures.

So if any one has some suggestions whom to contact or even an offer, in the area of high performance computing and simulations, please drop me a mail.

Of cause I can provide a résumé and such on request.

Greetings from now rainy* Erlangen, see you at the CCC Camp,
- codemonk

* 15min ago the sun was all out... damn weather

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