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colm herbert colmherbert at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 20:57:03 UTC 2011


My Name is Colm Herbert. I am living in Berkley this summer on a working
visa. I am sending out a speculative email to companies in the area looking
for work during my visa.  I will be available to work from the 20th of June
until the 7th of august.

I have been interested mainly in computers and there applications. During my
work experience at Intel. I wrote an RTP app. To send floods of RTP packets
to a VOIP application. I used tcpdump to test this app. I eventually used my
tool to fix a bug in a c++ VOIP app for the g726 codec.

I was an admin at minds.nuim.ie in first year and learned alot there. I also
helped out this year making basic help screencasts for new members. An
example can be found

This year i set up a perl app that lets users access irc from a web

For my Thesis <http://minds.nuim.ie/%7Ecolmherbert/Sean_McLoone_FYP.pdf> i
have expanded an existing tool box to allow for deep learning neural
networks and implemented Particle Swarm

Please let me know if there is anything that mite be suitable

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