[Rack] Other work today

Dr. Jesus j at hug.gs
Mon Aug 16 07:09:38 UTC 2010

The ippower networked pdu was unplugged when I came in.  I plugged
pony and stallion back into it.

Shell access on the sonic.net account has been enabled for monitoring
from sonic's perspective.

Annex M has been enabled on the sonic DSL circuit, doubling upstream
bandwidth at the expense of downstream:


ADSL Line State:        Up
ADSL Startup Attempts:  10
ADSL Modulation:        ADSL2+(Anx M)
ADSL Data Path:         Interleave
Datapump Version:       DSP, HAL

                       Downstream  Upstream
                        ----------  ----------
SNR Margin:                  10.00        8.90 dB
Line Attenuation:            42.00       27.70 dB
Output Power:                18.57       15.00 dBm
Errored Seconds:                36           0
Loss of Signal:                  0           0
Loss of Frame:                   0           0
CRC Errors:                    471           0
Data Rate:                    7487        1932

Gorilla is offline for now, I ran out of time to finish configuring
it.  Traffic is being NATted via r00ter at the moment.

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