[Rack] Stallion

Dr. Jesus j at hug.gs
Wed Aug 18 07:34:41 UTC 2010

Stallion's motherboard decided that it doesn't want to come up by
itself when power is reapplied anymore.  I replaced it with another
dual xeon box from the shelves and did the usual PC voodoo rituals to
get it to come up and be stable.

It's currently duplicating the old stallion drive onto its internal
disk array.  I had to leave to catch the last BART just now so I
tagged it and left it duplicating on the EE bench table.

I'm going to be in Santa Clara all day tomorrow, so if someone wants
to move the machine here's what needs to be done:

 - Remove power from the SATA disk and put the power adapter aside
(it's Miloh's.)

 - Unplug the SATA disk and remove the SATA cable.  Place that cable
and the one on the table in the SATA cable bin from the hack shelves.

 - Remove the SCSI RAID card from the motherboard.

 - Plug the SCSI RAID card into the card cage.

 - Taking care to route the SCSI cable so it doesn't kink too much,
plug the card cage into the motherboard.

 - Remove the masking tape tag from the chassis.

 - Put the lid on the chassis.

 - Using the keyboard and monitor there, boot the machine and verify
that the OS comes up correctly.  If not, you need to troubleshoot it.
If you can't, find someone who can or get a hold of me.

 - If the OS does come up correctly, install power supply #2 (on the
table) into the bay on the back of the chassis.

 - Move the chassis into the server room and plug it into the wall.

 - Unplug old stallion's ethernet cables and plug them into the back
of the new chassis.  If you can, match the cables to the appropriate
interfaces (ethtool might come in handy here.)

 - Move the serial cables from old stallion to new stallion.

 - Label new stallion.

You're done!

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