[Rack] new: horsy attached monitor for dual display

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 23:38:42 UTC 2010

I actually took a couple minutes when I wrote the original email to 
decide whether to use the word "donating" or "loaning".  I admit that 
"loaning" sounds screwy.

As this is my first hardware contribution to noisebridge, i wasn't sure 
the policy about donating hardware.  Specifically, my concern was 
whether donated hardware can be generally reserved for a specific purpose.

My intent for the monitor is so that people can play music for 
noisebridge and also do quick video/browsing/presentations using horsy 
without lowering the big projector screen or using up the projector's bulb.

All that said, with faith that the monitor primarily stays hooked up to 
horsy... consider the 17" flatpanel monitor donated to noisebridge.


On 12/1/2010 3:15 PM, miloh wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 2:35 PM, Andy Isaacson <adi at hexapodia.org
> <mailto:adi at hexapodia.org>> wrote:
>     On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 01:56:17PM -0800, Patrick Keys wrote:
>      > I had an extra 17" flatpanel that I wasn't using.
>      > I am loaning it indefinately to noisebridge.
>     FWIW, we don't do "loans".  If it's your property, please don't store it
>     at Noisebridge.
>     If you'd like to donate it free and clear, then great!  Slap a NB
>     sticker on it, hook it up, and don't be sad if someone uses it to
>     construct a giant robot.
> Patrick, I hope that you decide to just let your (extra, unused, tiny 17
> inch, old model) monitor go!  A flat panel is an good donation that
> Noisebridge could use more of, because we keep getting massive server
> tower donations but no flat panels!  Go figure.
> Maybe someone could donate some time to show people how to use crazy,
> radically insane, and impossible VNC clients.
> Or browse to http://pony.noise/juke and select the music area of your
> choice (Thanks Rubin!).  Please play lots of loud raggae and rap music.
> As a best practice, items donated to Nb with clear purpose and a
> maintainer get used and worn and wasted.  The key is getting a
> maintainer to handle things and keep things going.  If someone just
> dumps things at the space and doesn't do the maintenance work then Andy
> goes to work making robots.
> -rma
> ps  Andy,   Do you let your robots do the writing?  Long replies!

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