[Rack] Fwd: updated mailing list and announcement

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Mon Jul 12 23:47:23 UTC 2010

Glen Jarvis wrote, On 20100711 232345:
> I'm only following up now because I was forwarded this email and didn't know
> how long this generally takes to get turned around.

Glen: The Rack mailing list has been receiving a ridiculous amount of
spam. The reason why your post wasn't initially approved was because...

1. I don't have time to pick through all the spam, so I've disabled
getting notification about pending messages to the list.
2. No one has offered to take over/assist with the moderation task that
might have more time then I do to deal with all the spam.
3. Myself nor anyone else has a solution to our spam problem.

Thank you for waiting, your attention to detail is important to us, the
next available Rack member will be with you shortly.

Rubin Abdi
rubin at starset.net

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