[Rack] fixed: horsy audio and video

Benny Baumann BenBE1987 at gmx.net
Sun Nov 28 08:35:37 UTC 2010


I just wanted to write in, that following up on the system update of
horsy the following things now work:
- Video (Hardware accelerated, nVIDIA driver version 260.*)
- Sound (ALSA+PulseAudio)
- VLC (previously didn't)

Horsy now galtops using a Debian Squeeze/Testing software running a
2.6.32-5 kernel from Testing.

GNOME has been updated to gdm3 in this process to fulfill dependencies.

VLC has been updated from 0.8.6 to 1.1.3 fixing Video playback for VLC.
This also allows for a greater variaty of supported codecs for audio and
video playback using VLC.

The Media Center (XBMC) currently fails but I'm looking into it (unless
someone else is interested in doing this).

Updating the system performed 1100 package updates and approximately 300
package removals. In this process and while resolving dependencies I set
most library packages to AUTO, which means they will be thrown off the
system if no longer needed. The default installer of Debian doesn't do
this unfortutnally.

Am Samstag, den 27.11.2010, 20:35 -0800 schrieb miloh:
> On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 4:25 AM, Patrick Keys <citizenkeys at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>         Horsy audio and video are fixed.
>         Video was fixed earlier tonight by updating nvidia drivers and
>         some
>         configuration.
>         Audio was a giant pain to fix.
>         I had to completely remove and re-configured alsa (debian's
>         sound
>         manager) plus all its dependencies.
> did this have to do with access and permissions or some hardware
> problem -- I'm curious since I donated that system to Nb.
There was some driver issue which the nVIDIA kernel module. Probably
recompiling the driver module fucked things up. But I'm not sure there.
>         Some notes:
>         * Microphone option needs to stay muted in the Volume
>         controls.
>         * Loud hiss noise from speakers when microphone option isn't
>         muted.
> To remotely control all audio and not just the pc-generated audio
> signals, the mic input was used as a volume control.  I doubt its
> blown out, probably the line is just picking up noise when you have
> the input enabled.  unplug it and voila, no hiss.  People unplug it to
> play their audio directly into the stereo receiver from time to time.
>         * Debian on horsy is lenny, which is two years old.
>         * Debian should probably be completely updated at some point.
>         * VLC for lenny is also two years old, and it doesn't work.
> I hear you are updating the system, doesn't seem like too much trouble
> since people overpaid to do this shit day in and day out around the
> world.
Upgrading Horsy took me 4 hours for the main process and another 2 hours
to fix the video and audio with the upgraded kernels. So: Don't touch
it, unless you are prepared to do some work ;-)
>         * Use "Movie Player" icon on desktop to play video; VLC
>         doesn't work.
>         * Videos seem to be stored completely on pony, not horsy. They
>         should
>         probably be moved directly to horsy to reduce unnecessary
>         network traffic.
>         * horsy could also probably use a bigger chassis with room for
>         a dvd
>         drive and extra hard drives. i might grab an extra chassis and
>         work on
>         this myself unless somebody has any objections. let me know.
> No need to replace the case, keep the video player small and quiet and
> separate from the storage.  There's an optical drive on Quagga in the
> e-lab that you are free to use.  Quagga has very low security (sudo is
> L:guest P:noisebridge) so watch out for any kind of key logger or
> virile virus.   
> -rma
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