[Rack] doorport - do you know how the door opener works?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Dec 6 21:48:31 UTC 2011

hmm, well it's not really that i want the code myself as much as i want 
someone else to make it work.  i plugged it into the minotaur box because 
that way it doesnt require a separate machine or arduino somewhere, and 
minotaur is up there with the real infrastructure.

i love accounts on machines but mostly i just want to be able to open the 
door from the internets again.


> Jake, I'll try and get to posting the source for the C program that just
> flips closed the port and get you an account on minotaur tomorrow. I don't
> have any of those keys or code handy.
> However, I can link you to this ( https://gist.github.com/1398685 ) and this
> ( https://gist.github.com/1361655 ).
> --j

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