[Rack] Building some new electronics to open the gate?

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Sun Nov 13 02:29:38 UTC 2011

I think this is an awesome plan (PoE, or AC/battery-backed) Arduino with
some optoisolators to frob the door. I'd be happy to toss in a couple bucks
for hardware.

I've also been hacking away on a little stateless daemon in C that I was
hoping to put on the NFS linux image for the Wyse terminal. SSHing in to
flip a line seems excessive to me, so I was making a simple UDP protocol to
open the gate and to poll the state of the ringer.
It would be pretty easy to port to the Arduino Ethernet library, though
that's TCP-only, so it might be tricky memory-wise to handle many clients.

I hope to be by 2169 sometime this weekend, and I'll try and take a look at
the existing setup and see if there's an easy fix.

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