[Rack] New AP network?

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Tue Oct 11 22:26:05 UTC 2011

Yea, it would be good to use the powerstation as a link to some other 

It would be nice to have a real managed AP network.  But they cost $$$.


~$300 per AP.

The problem is the most basic controller is $1200, more likely $2000


On Tue, 11 Oct 2011, Jonathan Lassoff wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 2:44 PM, Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> wrote:
>> Jonathan Lassoff wrote, On 2011-10-11 14:39:
>>> These are pretty neat, though the management software is really only
>>> useful for pushing configurations around.
>> I'm with Jof. I think their hardware is nice and worth us throwing some
>> money into it, but I could care less on the management stuff considering
>> how small our space is.
>> I would really like to see their dual radio stuff and how all that
>> works. I'm hoping they've figured out some magic for a single SSID for
>> both radios with priority to 5gHz when it's available.
> I'm not sure if this is possible to guarantee, as the BSSID and
> channel that a client directs an association request to is based on
> the beacons it hears.
> Hopefully though, client {hard,firm,soft}ware prefers 5 Ghz over 2.4.
>> In the mean time I I'm thinking of replacing the 802.11a Powerstation
>> with a Nanostation Loco M5 running 802.11n at 5gHz. Just don't know
>> where to put it without running a new cable.
> Why replace it?
> I could see the powerstation being more useful on the roof than the wall.
> I think that for dual-band setups, one Nanostation Loco M5 and one M2
> mounted side-by-side should work well.
> While we're taking APs, it would be nice to get some APs on the west
> end of the building. Want to run some Ethernet some evening?
> --j

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