[Rack] Action with our Monkeybrains link, please respond if you care

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Tue Oct 11 22:30:53 UTC 2011

I would much rather put effort into getting a link that isn't 20:1 
downlink to uplink.  Comcast busines is slightly better, but I would like 
to try and see if we can get the RF link fixed or replaced.


On Tue, 11 Oct 2011, Rubin Abdi wrote:

> Jonathan Lassoff wrote, On 2011-10-11 14:44:
>> $75 / month for a couple megs isn't that useful to us though. We'd get
>> more consistent bandwidth via a wired circuit like Sonic.
>> If we do add another circuit and want to bond, I think we'll need
>> different CPE hardware though.
> I think when I switched to Bonded Fusion at home it was somewhere around
> $150 for the new modem (which deals with the bonding on its own) and
> installation (they'll make sure that AT&T did their job, then pair up
> the circuits into the cat5 running up the side of the building for us).
> I'll be happy to pay for that out of pocket at this point.
>> Another relatively-more-evil provider, but one that's fast, would be
>> to get a Comcast circuit in. If we do, I'd much prefer to tunnel over
>> it than use them for transit, as I don't much trust them as a company.
> I think having a setup like that, though nice, would provide more points
> of failure to a system not many of us want to dedicate ourselves to
> already. I also like giving Sonic money because they're not evil.
>> TL;DR: if anyone cares, I'm happy to make the Monkeybrains circuit be
>> useful, otherwise let's just bond Sonic pairs.
> Well, I think the first step with plan A is to figure out what shit is
> so slow. Andy, would you feel troubled for just simply shooting an email
> to Monkeybrains asking what's up with our current link's bandwidth? If
> it's stuck at that speed then we have our answer to how to proceed.
> -- 
> Rubin
> rubin at starset.net

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