[Rack] Action with our Monkeybrains link, please respond if you care

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Tue Oct 11 23:29:04 UTC 2011

Andy Isaacson wrote, On 2011-10-11 16:22:
> I have a Comcast business line at home; it's 22/5 Mbit with 5 IPs for
> $105/mo.  I've been saturating the uplink since the day it installed,
> mostly with Bittorrent seeds of free software installers, and it's been
> very reliable.

Great! Can someone please for the love of Noiserat and everything holy
just contact them and get an actual quote with installation costs for us?

> They're still quite evil as a company, of course, but the service is
> reasonable.

A discussion about good doesn't always over power evil was brought up
during our last meeting regarding the bannings of certain people of low

> We can definitely tunnel out over a Comcast physical layer to colo
> space.  We're heading towards getting a portable ARIN assignment
> anyways, this is just more fuel for that fire.

Can we get a price quote for this too?

> Now that we've paid our bill (Thank you Kelly!) I'm more comfortable
> asking Monkeybrains for help.  Bugging a vendor to whom you're a year in
> the hole is too douchey for me to countenance.

Do you want to poke them for this issue or should one of us?

> What bandwidth are we getting now?  Let's get some data and move
> forward.

I've tested the link over the course of a week at different times, my
results were fairly consistent, ~1.6mbit/down ~7mbit/up. Laptop plugged
directly into the PoE injector, using speedtest to a couple different

rubin at starset.net

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