[Rack] Action with our Monkeybrains link, please respond if you care

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Tue Oct 11 23:55:45 UTC 2011

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 04:29:04PM -0700, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> > We can definitely tunnel out over a Comcast physical layer to colo
> > space.  We're heading towards getting a portable ARIN assignment
> > anyways, this is just more fuel for that fire.
> Can we get a price quote for this too?

IIRC I heard something like $500/yr to ARIN, colo space and bandwidth is
another hundred or so per month.  This is all far outstripped by the
effort required from a heavy hitter network engineer to drive the whole
thing, though; I am not that person so I'll defer to those who are.

> > Now that we've paid our bill (Thank you Kelly!) I'm more comfortable
> > asking Monkeybrains for help.  Bugging a vendor to whom you're a year in
> > the hole is too douchey for me to countenance.
> Do you want to poke them for this issue or should one of us?

I think you're CCed on the other thread where we're taking care of this.
(As much as I like how Noisebridge manages things completely out in the
open, and I'm willing to CC people who are interested, I'm not generally
in favor of forcing vendors to open-kimono their operations, so I
don't CC vendor emails to publicly archived mailing lists.)

Short form is, we just recently paid the bill that Monkeybrains has been
sending us for the last year, they're coming out in the next few days
(tomorrow hopefully if we have someone on-site to work with them) to
tune/upgrade the antenna.

> > What bandwidth are we getting now?  Let's get some data and move
> > forward.
> I've tested the link over the course of a week at different times, my
> results were fairly consistent, ~1.6mbit/down ~7mbit/up. Laptop plugged
> directly into the PoE injector, using speedtest to a couple different
> locations.

Thanks for that!

However, I really wish you'd sent this info out when you gathered it, I
keep hearing random anecdotes but data is king.  Also please give full
data tables, "consistent" is great but I'd much rather see

12:00 5.4
12:01 5.5
12:02 4.0

et cetera.


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