[Rack] Network re-wiring.

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Mon Sep 19 18:37:11 UTC 2011

I started cleaning up things in the rack today to prepare for moving the 
dell switch to TWoT.  I've gotten everything off that switch and will 
start setting up vlans later today or tomorrow.

If anyone notices any jacks out of place let me know ASAP so I can fix it.

BTW, pony and stallion internal ports are on gige now. woo.

I'm working on standardizing the color scheme for the cables to make it 
slightly easier to find stuff.  White/Grey is what I'm using for vlan1 

I'm trying to come up with other standards for the other vlans.


  "UNIX is user-friendly, it's just picky about its friends."

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