[Rack] Electric door strike working again. Use your Pin or key to get in.

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Jul 15 01:23:23 UTC 2013

the reason the motor i chose was so flimsy was because i wanted to make 
sure it was easy enough to turn when off, so that it would not hold the 
latch open.

I will probably replace it with a different motor, and a large capacitor 
and relay, so that when it is energized from the intercom it will open the 
lock (while charging the capacitor).

when power from the intercom stops, the relay will release and drain the 
capacitor into the motor in the other direction, so the motor will undo.


On Sun, 14 Jul 2013, Henner Zeller wrote:

> tl;dr : the electric door strike is replaced, so the door is secured again. 
> Don't jam the door in as you might got used to in the last couple of days.
> We don't want to break the new lock :) If someone has access to a working
> printer and stickers, maybe add a sticker to the lock so that people know
> and don't slam it.
> Longer version: I went to Discount Builders and got a new electric door
> strike. It is similarly cheap and flimsy as the one we already had, so we
> should continue on the solution Jake already started, which looks long term
> promising.
> I looked at Jake's solution today, and the motor is not strong enough for
> what it should do. So I got the new strike so that we have a working door in
> the meantime. I met Scotty in the hallway and we chatted about some ideas to
> continue improving the gate situation.
> -henner

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