[Rack] hi! (introductory message)

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Thu May 23 16:47:46 UTC 2013

Looks like someone already added your account, can you login?

It got a a bit flubbed setting your password file as being readable
only by you, though. Let me know if you want to change it.

jof at pony ~ % ls -l ~bleak
total 4
-rw-rw-r-- 1 bleak bleak 33 May 22 17:07 password
jof at pony ~ % sudo chmod 0400 ~bleak/password
[sudo] password for jof:
jof at pony ~ % ls -l ~bleak
total 4
-r-------- 1 bleak bleak 33 May 22 17:07 password

/var/log/auth.log:May 22 17:06:23 pony useradd[8864]: new user:
name=bleak, UID=1108, GID=1108, home=/home/bleak, shell=/bin/bash
/var/log/auth.log:May 22 17:07:00 pony passwd[8874]:
pam_unix(passwd:chauthtok): password changed for bleak
/var/log/auth.log:May 22 17:07:01 pony chfn[8929]: changed user
'bleak' information
/var/log/auth.log:May 22 17:07:34 pony su[8940]: Successful su for bleak by root
/var/log/auth.log:May 22 17:07:34 pony su[8940]: + /dev/pts/2 root:bleak
/var/log/auth.log:May 22 17:07:34 pony su[8940]: pam_unix(su:session):
session opened for user bleak by leif(uid=0)



On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 5:01 PM, bleak <bleak at decepticons.net> wrote:
> hey y'all, I was directed here by the wiki, so here I am introducing myself.
> the name is bleak. here's my wiki page:
> https://noisebridge.net/wiki/User:Bleak
> that isn't a very good introduction. i just moved here from Michigan-- been
> here about a week-- and while this is my first time in the city I was born
> and raised in the south bay. i have an interest in learning how pretty much
> everything works, so as a neat project i'd see if i could successfully set
> up my iphone to be able to SSH into pony and open/close the gate from there.
> i've set up SSH from my phone but i generated my dsa keys on my computer, so
> i'm not sure that's going to work out. however, my iphone terminal client is
> unreadable to me and so I'm not sure how to work that out. anyway, i can
> work that stuff out later. right now, it would be awesome if someone could
> help me finish creating my account on pony so I can at least test this stuff
> out.
> thanks for being y'all, y'all.
> -bleak
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