[Rack] tubes report

Jordan Hayes jmhayes at j-o-r-d-a-n.com
Tue Oct 15 15:17:57 UTC 2013

> I updated bikeshed to the latest vyatta.

Ok, and I think this is related: the new IP address for Monkeybrains is so the NAT rule that references the old IP address (.9) 
on UDP port 9742 has to be changed.  The last time this happened, I was 
given an account on bikeshed but the version of vyatta and the version 
of the command syntax I could find were out of sync, so I was unable to 
update the NAT rule myself.  Someone else did it, but was unable to 
explain why the command sequence I was told to use just gave me syntax 
errors.  So it goes, but I'd like to try to fix this for once and for 



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