[Sewing] Juki straight stitch problem

Rachel Lyra Hospodar rachel at fernworks.net
Fri Aug 13 16:46:56 UTC 2010

yeah, bending too for sure.  it happens to me most commonly anytime i 
strike a pin, oops!  I use pins with big heads and that is sometimes all 
it takes, although sewing big bulky stuff can do it too, or anytime the 
machine jams up full of fabric while it is sewing.  I often wonder if it 
is possible to resurface this part.  Probably not worth the time 
investment, but i do go through at least one every few months.

Not sure if people are aware but you need to actually pull the pins from 
your seams before they go through the machine... I was taught it was ok 
to leave them in and sew over them but, especially on an industrial, 
this is not actually a good idea for a variety of reasons.

Rachel McConnell wrote:
> The pockmarking or the actual bending?  I've seen pockmarking on just
> about every machine I've ever worked on, but I've never seen the
> deformation before.  How does that happen?  Do you just use much heavier
> fabrics than I do?
> Cynthia if you're on this list and see this and haven't left yet, get
> several!
> R
> Rachel Lyra Hospodar wrote:
>> this happens pretty frequently on my juki at home. i usually try to keep
>> a couple throat plates around.  they are only a few bucks and it's
>> really frustrating when you are trying to do something delicate and the
>> throat plate looks like the strike plate for an anvil.
>> R.
>> Rachel McConnell wrote:
>>> This is actually a new one to me. At some point recently the throat 
>>> plate on this machine got bent such that the bit with the needle hole 
>>> was 2-3 mm lower than the surface. It was also pitted badly as with 
>>> many hits with a heavy needle. This caused uneven stitching and 
>>> frequent broken threads. Meredith was able to return it almost flat 
>>> with a vise but we could do nothing about the pits.
>>> Cynthia will be buying a new throat plate sometime today but needs to 
>>> take the old one as a model, so for a time the machine will be 
>>> unusable. Installation is just a couple screws so if Apparel City has 
>>> the part in stock it should be available again tonight.
>>> -Rachel
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