[Sewing] serginator!

Rachel Lyra Hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Fri May 28 20:54:23 UTC 2010

the serger is fixed.  the VERY LAST two needles we have (not cross 
compatible with the single-needle) are in it.  I have the container here 
if anyone wants to pick up more they are type 80/12, the whole package reads

DCx27 / RIM27 / B-27 / SY6120

they sell these at apparel city (doh) so i will try to remember to pick 
some up, but if someone else does remember feel free!  Crutcher already 
gave me 25 for the repair, let me know if you want to give me more.  It 
cost $55.  just don't break it before i get back in here next week ;)


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