[Sewing] straight stitch is busted

rachel lyra hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Tue Oct 5 22:51:18 UTC 2010

the single needle industrial is currently nonfunctional.

last time i came to use it, two+ weeks ago, there were no needles and i 
had to use some of my own, conveniently they are the same.

sometime in between then and now, Something Else happened.  it appears 
to be a timing issue.  i cleared some cruft/thread clots out of the 
works under the throat plate (you know, where the bobbin goes) and fixed 
a weird problem with the knee lever (you know, for lifting the presser 
foot) but when i got it all back together and tried to sew with it, the 
stiches did not engage properly and made a big knot inside... and then 
the backstitch thingy started making a sad high-pitched whining noise, 
so I turned the whole thing off.

the needle that's in there now is a round shank, the only kind i have 
ever used with this type of machine, but there is a packet of needles in 
the drawer with a flat-sided shank.  i don't know for sure but strongly 
suspect they are not totally compatible with this machine.  i am putting 
them in the general sewing needles drawer.  Rachel M, do you know if 
these work with it?

anyway, that's what's up.  i'm going to finish serging and go home and 
use my functional sewing machine.  le sigh.


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