[Sewing] [Noisebridge-discuss] Hackathon! Second Saturday at Noisebridge - build space & community

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Thu Mar 10 22:23:53 UTC 2011

I'll come for as much of this time as I can although I have an
appointment at three.  I'd like to make a sign for the sewing area like

(Suggestions for the overwhelmed)

- done for the day
- break a needle
- various other common things happen

And fill it out with references and people to talk to, etc.  I'll
probably implement it by writing this all up in a lot more detail on the
wiki (some of this info is there already) and then shrinking it down to
bullet points for a sign, and slap an nburl on it.

Rachel M

rachel lyra hospodar wrote:
> Ok, so my plan for saturday:
> Come by at 11, get advice & guidance from Jim on proposed sewing area
> 'lectrical improvements.  Spend the next few hours (with Ted!) hacking
> away at the sewing area lighting, electrical, & signage.  When jim gets
> back at 4ish we will see where we are at with this and where to go next.
> If I have extra steam it will be aimed at improving laser ventilation.
> I hope everyone comes to join me & work on these & other projects!
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