[Sewing] [Noisebridge-discuss] Hackathon! Second Saturday at Noisebridge - build space & community

Rachel Hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Fri Mar 11 03:14:55 UTC 2011

I'll try to bring some good sign-making supplies. If anyone else has been
hankering for exposition in their little corner of the universe, this might
be a good time to get in on some communal sign-making action.  Optional help
available for making your lettering even, or brainstorming ways to
incorporate computer printed out info too.

Laser kids, want to make signs about what can & can't be lased?

Soldering how-tos? FAQs for various areas?  Charts helping people to store
objects in the right place, or find them more easily? Better signage to help
people find things, like bathrooms?

This is a great, easy, fun way to work towards applying some visual unity
and flow to the space, and to help delineate what happens where.  Markers
are a gateway drug, and some latex wall paints will be available for those
who get hooked.  More paintbrushes are always needed!


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