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So what you're saying is, it was a troll.


On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 5:25 PM, Mitchel McAllister
<xonimmortal at yahoo.com>wrote:

> This was in response to a number of people being labelled compulsive liars
> in the space, quite vocally. In addition, one such discussion occurred
> during a tour for some new visitors. It seems logical to make a page, to
> save those giving tours from having to repeat the entire list.
> - Reverend Mik
> ------------------------------
> *     I know what the questions are,* S’ythe replied sulkily.
> *     Oh? Then tell me what the questions are.*
> *     Why do I not find a mate?* S’ythe asked, challengingly.
> *     Wrong question,* T’oumon replied, with a hint of laughter.
> *     Oh, of course,* S’ythe snorted.  *Why didn’t I think of that?  He
> slumped to the ground, exhausted and troubled.  P’auwnet will not speak
> the name of his mate, for fear she will disappear, as if some dream. His
> mate feels that he mates with her out of pity.  They are my friends, but
> it is difficult to deal with them, when I long to be mated as well.*  He
> looked at T’oumon out of the corner of his eye, but his mentor remained
> silent. *Fine, what is the question then?*
> *- Desolation
> *
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> wrote:
> Troll detected.
> <snip>
> Second of all, characterizing me as a troll is an excessive in oppression.
> By applying the pejorative, you remove my voice and denigrate my
> contributions. If I am a troll, after all, then nothing I say has value,
> and people can safely ignore me without consequence. There is no supporting
> evidence for the application of said label, therefore there is no way to
> refute or defend the argument.
> Your ability to sling student-union politikorrect power-speak doesn't make
> you seem like less of a troll.  And, honestly, I don't have any idea what
> the background on this is because I've been checked out of Noisebridge for
> a while, but complaining about being pejoratively labeled over a response
> to your idea to make a public list of pathological liars takes some brass.
> --S
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"Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science."
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