[Space] APRS parts

Mikolaj Habryn dichro at rcpt.to
Tue Jan 19 23:57:03 UTC 2010

Brief, un-minuted meeting last night on shopping resulted in (almost)
the following shopping plan. The original plan included the Copernicus
GPS from the same source, which is $30 cheaper; unfortunately that's
an SMD module which would be hard to work with. The Garmin alternative
is claimed to work at high altitude with recent firmware, so will do
unless there's other ideas.

I'm intending to get the OT+ in kit form, for the reason that the
pre-assembled ones lack a temperature sensor and might be harder to
solder pressure sensors into (it's an excellent unit in that it has a
bunch of pins that you can attach to digital or analog sensors and it
will automatically sample them and return the data in APRS telemetry
packets - incidentally, the pressure sensors have arrived too, I'll
drop them off at NB tonight).

Antenna is still an open question, and I haven't looked at parachutes yet.

Garmin GPS 18x LVC

OpenTracker+ Kit

SRB MX146 Transmitter


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