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Ariel Waldman ariel at arielwaldman.com
Tue Mar 9 01:53:08 UTC 2010

Hey everyone, we've been added to the competition!

Please read what Jay sent me below. The PDF of the rules is on
http://workshop88.com/space/ . We need to elect an individual from our group
per the note below.

Send me your thoughts!

Ariel Waldman | digital anthropologist

[ http://arielwaldman.com | http://spacehack.org ]

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Date: Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 4:31 PM
Subject: Re: Is Hackerspaces in Space a domestic or int'l competition?
To: Ariel Waldman <ariel at arielwaldman.com>
Cc: Kevin Roof <roofuskit at gmail.com>

Not a problem at all, we're still accepting groups applying late.  You've
been added to this list.  Here's some additional info I just sent out,
including info on what you can do next:

Thanks for signing up to participate in Hackerspaces in Space!


The past few weeks have been really exciting for us.  Hackerspaces in Space
(HSIS) has registered 29 organizations, including groups from Germany,
Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia.  We've received some pretty nice
write-ups from Make
, Hobbyspace <http://hobbyspace.com/nucleus/?itemid=18794>,
, Spacehack <http://www.spacehack.org/>, and
 The energy behind HSIS has also moved outside the realm of hackerspaces to
encompass other enthusiastic groups and organizations.  We welcome any
curious individuals interested in science, making, and exploration.

For those of you who are hackerspaces, we have additional news that we're
pleased to announce: HSIS has become the participating event for the
competitive leg of the first annual "Hackerspace
 An idea out of Makers Local 256 with hackerspace.org support, the
Hackerspace Awards recognize innovation and ingenuity within the maker
community.  This creates no extra work for you or your organization -- it's
just another way to bring us together.

For everybody, we have even more news coming up that you'll find quite

*Competition Update*

Now that registration has finally closed, we're asking two things of each
registered group:
1) To elect an individual and submit their name to serve on the Event Board
outlined in the rules.  Please e-mail jmargalus at workshop88.com with your
information before April 1, 2010.
2) To re-read the rules attached to this e-mail, and ask us any questions
you might have about them.

Additionally, the Hackerspace Awards team has inquired, granted your group
will take part in the Awards, if your Event Board nominee will also judge a
"merits based event" as part of the Awards.  This is an excellent
opportunity for everyone to participate in this new and exciting event, so
if you have any thoughts, please let us know.

Thanks again for signing up, and be sure to keep us all updated on your own
balloon's progress!

Happy ballooning,
Jay Margalus

p.s. If you are not a member of a hackerspace, but would like more
information on hackerspaces in your area, feel free to mail me with your
information and I'll point you in the right direction.

Jay Margalus
Polymath Workshop, Inc.

Have a nice day

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 6:22 PM, Ariel Waldman <ariel at arielwaldman.com>wrote:

> Hi Jay,
> I just submitted my name to the registration on behalf of the hackerspace
> Noisebridge <http://noisebridge.net>. Spacebridge (the space group at
> Noisebridge) has been working on weather balloon payloads since December and
> we had our first test launch last month. I thought someone in the group had
> already registered for the competition but found out yesterday that it
> hadn't been done yet. Can you grant Noisebridge late entry?
> If so, please let me know what next steps are (aside from read the PDF
> rules on the site).
> Thanks!
> Ariel Waldman | digital anthropologist
> [ http://arielwaldman.com | http://spacehack.org ]
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