[Space] Minutes 3/9/09

Albert Alexander albert.alexander at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 03:57:58 UTC 2010

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Here's what we did and thought about on Tuesday.


The internals of the payload will be contained in a mylar envelope. This
will provide a continuous thermal space that retains a LOT of heat (space
blankets claim something like 90%). I'm still investigating the energy
required to keep this space above dew point. That would prevent condensation

Still working on whether we should add a battery dedicated to warming. I'd
much rather tap a camera or radio battery to avoid the extra mass. On first
glance the radio battery looks like a prime candidate (low drain long life)
and is least likely to automatically shut off if it gets hot.

Indium Tin Oxide film (ITO) is enroute courtesy of Bayview Optics. This will
heat the lenses with a thermistor circuit. There is a cup in my freezer with
antifreeze on it to test evaporation rate; this could be an acceptable
passive substitute for lens heaters depending on the distortion (its kinda

Camera circuits will be sealed with a conformal coating. Silicone looks
ideal. Hopefully will have some by Sunday for further testing.


Styrofoam was cut and beveled with the classy new wire cutter. A camera port
has been added. The payload looks fairly anthropomorphic now. It needs a


Antenna was bound to carbon rods with thread.
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